Prof. Antonio Rosato

- President of the Consortium -

Associate Professor (MED/04) at Padova University, Department of Surgical, Oncological and Gastroenterological Sciences (DiSCOG) Immunology and Oncology Section, and Immunology and Oncological Molecular Diagnostics Service, Veneto Oncology Institute (Veneto IOV-IRCCS). For over 30 years, he has carried out scientific work unstintingly in the field of Immunology and Immunopathology. His research has been into the evaluation of the mechanisms of action and antitumoral activity of cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), the generation of lymphocytic cellular populations with non-restricted MHC activity for the immunotherapy of tumors and the engineering of T cells with recombinant TCR or CAR for adoptive immunotherapy. More recently, he has dedicated his work to the development and analysis of new antineoplastic drugs and antitumoral vaccines based on polymeric bioconjugates. The need to carry out in-depth studies to evaluate the bio-distribution in vivo of drugs and T cells, has strengthened his knowledge of molecular imaging in vivo, with the use of techniques in fluorescence, bioluminescence and PET/SPECT/CT.

He is a member of numerous scientific societies, collaborates with indexed journals and is the author of over 160 papers published on Web of Science, with over 4000 citations. H-index: 33 (Scopus). He manages and has managed public and private research funds amounting to over 5 million euros.

He is President of the O.P.B.A. at Padova University for Animal Welfare.

Prof. Gino Gerosa 

-Science Director of the Consortium -

Full Professor of Cardiac Surgery and Director of the V. Gallucci Cardiac Surgery Center of Padova University. He carried out one of the world’s first transplants of stem cells for the treatment of heart disease (2000), the first entirely endoscopic, beating-heart, operation in Italy involving myocardial revascularization via the Da Vinci robotic system. He carried out Italy’s first operation insulating pulmonary veins for the fully endoscopic treatment of atrial fibrillation, also with the Da Vinci robot (2004), the first implant in Italy of a totally artificial heart (2007),the first operation in the world involving the replacement of the aorta and a plastic mitral valve without out-of-body circulation or stopping the heart (2014) and the first operation in the world implanting an entirely artificial Cardio West50 cc heart in a patient who had already undergone a transplant (2015). In relation to translational research in the cardiovascular regenerative medicine laboratory he founded, directed by Dr. Laura Iop, a technique has been developed for the decellularization of heart valves, a technology donated to the Treviso Tissue Bank Foundation and the Veneto Regional Healthcare Authority. The ISS has authorized the clinical use of these valves for correcting congenital heart disease in pediatric and adult patients, with the first three implants carried out in Padova in 2016. The Professor is personally involved in numerous research projects, including the decellularization of the entire heart and its repopulation with the iPS of the potential recipient, as well as an ambitious project for the development of a wholly Italian artificial heart. He is the author of 300 papers in indexed journals. His H-Index is 34.

Dr.ssa Teresa Gasparetto 

-Consortium Managing Director -

Since 2004, she has managed and organized Healthcare Research. After graduating in Economics in 2001, she earned a Masters Degree in International Healthcare Management Economics and Policy at SDA Bocconi in 2002 and specialized in local authority management with a course on Advanced Programs in Healthcare Economics at Cà Foscari University in Venice in 2004. Since 2004, she has worked in the Health and Social Department of the Veneto Regional Authority, and in 2009 was appointed to lead the Program for Research, Innovation and Health Technology Assessment – PRIHTA. In addition to managing healthcare research, she has had significant national and international roles in the evaluation of healthcare technology (HTA).