The Consortium for Healthcare Research – CORIS

The Consortium for Health Research - CORIS is a non-profit organization established and financed by the Veneto Region which aims to promote, increase and support scientific research in a broad sense, be it basic, translational or clinical, in the health and socio-sanitary.


The Consortium for Research into Organ Transplants, CORIT, was created in 1997 on the basis of the provisions of section 24 of Regional Law 6/1997, under the initiative of the Foundation for the Increase in Organ and Tissue Transplants (FITOT) and Padova Hospital, joined soon after by Padova University. 

Since 1997, the Regional Council of the Veneto has supported the Consortium, appointing it to carry out numerous tasks related to its aims in promoting and supporting scientific research in the field of organ and tissue transplants as well as regenerative medicine.

Specifically, the promotion of scientific research by the Consortium includes finding funding (public and private) for research projects in the field of organ, tissue and cell transplants, as well as regenerative medicine.

The Consortium also has considerable expertise in transplant immunology, and has carried out research in its own name, leading to significant discoveries lengthening the survival time of transplanted human organs and of immunosuppression drugs, achieving important results nationally and internationally, with projects regarding xenotransplants and artificial organs.

Based on its experience and following resolution of the Shareholders Meeting on 25 May 2016 and the increasing need for research by Veneto Healthcare Authority facilities, today the Consortium has extended its aims and operations, changing its name to the Consortium for Healthcare Research – CORIS.